Summer Camp: Have you considered volunteering?

With a family of five and only one mediocre income, summer camps are usually a no go. This year, though, I really wanted my daughter to be able to attend Girl Scout Camp. I queried about a discount if I volunteered. When I found out that she’d be able to attend for free in exchange for me working, I got so excited. Not only did I sign the dotted line, but I found another summer camp to volunteer at, and worked with my church to turn our VBS into a VBS/STEM day camp. Now my children have three weeks of summer day camp they get to attend. Of course, the catch to this is the fact that I’m available to volunteer.

Here’s your take away: the bartering system is still very much alive and in use. If you have time to devote, or a skill to share, offer it in exchange for something you want.

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