‘Once Upon a Time’ 6×11: ‘Tougher Than the Rest’ questions & theories

Image above via tvpromosdb‘s YouTube video “Once Upon a Time 6×11 Promo “Tougher Than The Rest” (HD) Season 6 Episode 11 Promo”

Ok guys, I’ve got to know what you think. I have lots of thoughts, and questions. Here are a few:

Savior Mythology

Do you think it’s true that if you kill the Savior, then you get their powers?

That seems a little contradictory to me, but it would be in line with the Dark One. But, if the Savior is the opposite of the Dark One, then perhaps the opposite is true and they way to make a new Savior is by giving life rather than taking it. If that’s true, then maybe Henry is the next Savior. Or since he’s the author, maybe Emma’s next child will be the next Savior.

The Dark One’s Son

First of all, I was kind of surprised that the Dark One was even capable of procreating. Second, I wondered if the evil was possibly genetically hereditary. Of course, the whole Black Fairy is Rumple’s mother bit was an awkward twist. I mean how did she get involved with a man like his father? Anyway, I began wondering if Gideon was made to be Emma’s villain. You know, like Wish Realm Rumple said to Regina, “Every Savior needs a villain.”

Do you think Gideon can be saved? What about Rumbelle?

Can fate be changed?

This is a topic I explored in my official review for TheCelebrityCafe.com. In it I posed the following:

throughout the episode we watched as many of the characters took their fates into their own hands. You can change your course, but can you REALLY change your fate? Is being able to change your fate contrary to the idea of true love? I mean hasn’t true love been presented here as being with the person you’re fated to be with?

While we’re on the topic of fate, do you think Gideon is still fated to kill Emma?

6×12: “Murder Most Foul”

I’m guessing based on this sneak peek that the murder being referred to is that of Charming’s father. Who do you think killed him? Will it bring peace to Charming to know his dad didn’t die a drunk, or do you think it will drive him mad? What happened that makes Charming tell Hook he will never forgive him?

Things don’t seem like they’re going to be going smoothly for Outlaw Queen, but this scene from the second sneak peek makes me wonder why Regina doesn’t tell Snow, “bringing him back was your daughter’s idea, not mine!” I hope this doesn’t lead to more heart ache for Regina.

Also, maybe it’s not that Robin is part real that allowed him to come to this reality. Maybe any of the “alternates” can come to Storybrooke. If so, do you think Wish Realm Henry will come after them? And, do you think they can or would be willing to banish the Evil Queen there?

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